Thursday, 26 July 2012

The Grand Soap Opera that runs till 2014

Being a sports fan I am not a great fan of daily soaps. In fact I have always hated the way they have plagued the televisions in India and have been constantly in arguments with lovely ladies in my life. They have ruined  my hours, days and happy moments when I have missed the balls on which Tendulkar reaches his hundred or the infuriating moments when he was wrongly given out in Australia, all because of them. Just when it seemed I was nearing to convince the respectable pretty ladies and hoping that they let me watch sports, the thing called twenty four by seven NEWS channels happened to the television in India. Whatever may have been the objective they have just delivered what I did not want. After years of NEWS channel industry in India when they have bored me out by showing the soaps on the TV and bites from the reality shows. Lately, they were able to generate some sort of interest in me for the soaps. This isn't just any other series of boring episodes but a refreshingly new long series which began in April last year and makes me happy that it will go on till the year of importance 2014. 

This Grand Soap Opera is a production of India Against Corruption and the lead role of solo hero is being played by none other than Anna Hazare. There are many side roles which are not  less important and the cast in order of importance as I perceive is Arvind Kejrival, Kiran Bedi, Prashant Bhushan and Manish Sisodia. Lets come to the villains a little later though. Initially I was interested in the event as I thought it was as real as sports. I was curious for the results and the novelty of anshan and crowds gathering in large numbers meant the attraction was always there for a young guy who readily finds a fault or other with the governance and current system. The feeling of part of being something great also propelled me to be attracted towards the fight, the Match of the Life kind of situation. 

I guess many youths like me came out on streets and did something to the best of their abilities to make the  movement successful. Then came a moment which compels me to tell you about the villains. The Congress led UPA-2's government are playing the role of mail villain in this drama. Hazare was picked up and put into jail and some blah blah IPC were told as a reason. As it happens in the Indian television soaps, there was a twist and this back fired on the government. The movement which was shown on national news channelds as  a national rage was getting more interesting. And just when I thought the match was nearer to an end and victory would be ours. The government was looking as if it will pass the Lokpal Bill and after a hefty debate there came another twist. Just like it happens in the soaps, the villain managed to get away. The day this happened I knew its not a match, its a soap. Nonetheless, my interest prevailed. 

Coming forward in time, today the series goes on and now I am convinced this will go on till 2014 General Elections. The soap's nature perfectly fits the Anna Hazare's campaign in which you have a girl or a lady who is pavitra like Sita and what ever she says affects the viewers in a positive way. And then you have a villain who's only motive seems to be bad to the heroin and everybody. The government today looks exactly the same. The heroin of the soap gets the sympathy and symbolizes love, righteous virtue and truth. Whatever they say may be wrong logically or practically but is perceived to be right because the golden words were said by the apparent sufferer. 

Similar is the case with Hazare and his team where it seems only Kejriwal knows what is right and what is wrong. Even the Supreme Court is belittled in front of the knowledge that this new angry young man of India has. I have decided to put his image in bollywood ishtyle in my study and ask it before making any decision whether I am wrong or right. And agar phool gir gaya then I will know it is right or if the diya isn't blown off may be. I think the latter sounds better. Besides it I will put an image of Kiran Bedi so that I can always go to it and know my future. Apart from telling the future it will also help me know who thinks what and kiske dil mein kya hai. It will be so much of help.

All these things show a lot of support for team Anna but has it been stretched too much. Yes, just like a soap it is going on and on and same things are being said thrice or may be more number of times. Ekta Kapoor will be really proud of it. The same dialogues and speeches have been repeatedly been shouted by Hazare. Now that the soap has been stretched and extended so much that it has lost a bit of interest of the viewers but the loyal viewers still continue to be attracted to it. Such were the results of the Mumbai Anshan and the most recent one at Jantar Mantar in Delhi. Jantar Mantar and Ramlila maidan have become like the devi ka mandir in most of the soaps where you can find the heroin whenever she needs to gain sympathy and power. Her demands are from God and team Anna's demand are from the Government. No wonder both have 'G' as the starting letters. 

Finally the question arises is when will this end. When will be the day when I will not sit in front to see a 24x7 News channel to know whats next? From the recent announcements made by team Anna apart from abuses for the government  it is clear that they may contest or support candidates in the next general election. So I think that should be the end. Its not bad to contest the elections. It rather makes me happy that some people like the sati savitra types will come and make our country heavenly but the fact that creating problem in current governments work and wanting them to focus totally on Lokpal or Jan Lokpal Bill is not going to help the country. I not being over whelmed by government's work and don't want to say that they have done a good job but can clearly say that a lot of hindrances have been created just before every parliament session. In 2014, people will remember the government for not bringing the Lokpal bill and because it will never be passed just like in any soap on TV because some usool of sorts will always come in front of Hazare's team. I am sure even if government agrees  to pass the Lokpal as it is in IAC's JanLokpal Bill they will object to the quality of paper and ink used. They want to be in the limelight and be heard till the 2014 elections and then the soap will end.

 The only difference being this will be decided by the public, the people of this nation and not by the producers. It will be interesting to know if Team Anna will contest in General Elections or not. Next a thriller may be ?