Tuesday, 28 February 2012

"WOW.. It really works" -a 'Wow' story.

Samarth was getting irritated sitting in his car outside a big glass building in the city of Mumbai. He was waiting for his friend. They had a planned a party tonight. Some drinks, dance and food. It was a routine for them. Every Friday Samarth will drive to outside Aman's office and they would drive to the pubs near by. Usually Aman would come by the time Samarth has already been waiting. He waited for fifteen more minutes and finally got out of his car to smoke a cigarette. With the smoke rising up the sky puff after puff he had finished two cigarettes and there was no sign of Aman. Aman was not taking the calls from Samarth during the time he has been smoking.
Samarth had never been as desperate as he was today to have his best friend with him.
It was too much time for him to be patient now and he got back into the car and moved further towards the office building. He could see a lot of rush there just outside the building. He had no choice but to wait. The window glass started to slide down and hid into the slit as he pressed the button to get some breeze. He lit another of his favourite cigarettes. As a person with the neck strap of Aman's company passed by he asked what is the crowd about? Many people have been fired, he got back the reply from the gentleman who looked sad and walked away quietly. Samarth couldn't ask any more questions to him. He was worried about Aman though.
After ten  more minutes and one more cigarette Aman arrived with a smile on his face. They shook hands and the car moved. After some cliché Samarth got a bit serious and was more sad than frustrated.
"How could the company move me to this small project? ", he said with anguish in voice and eyes. "Which project?",  Aman asked for some more details. "The project with Bhalla in it as my co leader. How can I work with such scum? He is so negative and knows nothing. I even don't know how he managed to survive 12 years in the industry, that son of a bitch.", abused Samarth. A few more adjectives were added to Mr. Bhalla and about the project which he has been managing while Aman listened calmly.
"Now they are not giving me any salary increment but only a designation promotion after so much hard work." , carried on Samarth frustratingly. After a bit of silence inside the car amidst the noise outside it as they stuck up in traffic Aman cheerfully shouted, "Wow!". "You have an opportunity to change your beliefs in about Bhalla and even make him a better professional working with him. And you can cover up the increment by earning some good profits in the sales. Wow! what an opportunity!", said Aman instilling some belief in his best foe. 
"Are you mad? Am I here to change Bhalla. He is like a dog's tail jise 12 saal bhi nali mein daal ke rakhoge na saab, to nali tedi ho jayengi par wo nahi.", they spoke together mimicking the dialogue from the film Amitabh Bachchan's Laawaris followed with some laughter.
"How can you even think that people like Bhalla can change?", asked Samarth. After all he was much smarter, intelligent and better off than his friend. Samarth had always been a topper and top performer where ever he had been. On the other hand his friend was a lazy, languid person who would just pass the exams. He even got the job a long time back with Samarth's help as Samarth took an interview for him over the phone. 
There was a small boundary of ego which sometimes came between the two friends but Aman was at too much peace with himself and he will never let anything be blown out of proposition. 
After a little break, he chose to answer Samarth's question. "Yes.", he stamped with real self belief.
"You need to let me complete before you say anything.", he requested in an way as he was giving an order. Meanwhile they were reaching the pub. He waited until Samarth parked the car and they went in. They carried the beers from the counter and found a place in a corner. 
"Any one in the world can change for better. There is positive energy which is needed to be passed to any person you feel has negative energy.
I am not as good in maths as you are. I never scored great numbers but I will use maths to prove this to you. The simplest of maths which I understand.", continued Aman. 
"Take simple addition in mathematics. if you add two negative numbers the result is negative with a bigger number." and he paused. 
"If you add two positive numbers you get a bigger number on the positive side of the zero", he added after gulping two sips of beer. 
"I know this much mathematics yaar.", interrupted Samarth as if he was getting bored. 
"Now, if you add a negative number and a positive number the side of the zero you end depends on the size of the numbers.", Aman carried on ignoring Samarth's comments. 
"So the logic is to turn Bhalla into a positive number you have to more positive than Bhalla's negative number and you will see the impact.", completed Aman. "I know you know more of mathematics than what I do but you have the meaning of it in life apart from business mate.", he answered the unanswered questions he left behind. 
"May be.", said Samarth not agreeing totally with Aman.  "Even if I accept your theory I can't be so positive with a guy so stupid and sheepish. Its impossible. No body can be positive when he works with people like Bhallas and see him earning more money and better position after so much hard work. No way.", he laid down the thoughts.
Few beers having been gone down the throats of the two lads there,  the conversation was bound to be more philosophical obviously. After some time and lighter talks about the girls at the pub and few jokes, Aman started again, " I will give you a Mantra." "Oh. Really panditji", said Samarth laughingly. "Yes, but you don't dare disturb me until I say I am done else the effect is ended then.", joked Aman.
"OK, the Socrates of India", assured Samarth and they took two shots of strong cocktails each and a lemon suck after it. 
"The mantra is called the Wow mantra", spoke Aman in breaking voice which seemed to be dancing now. 
"Any situation in life has two sides. One is positive and the other is negative.  Any situation in life. Any action of a person and any result of the action perfomed.", started Aman seriously. He sipped in some more whiskey.
"Focus and pay real attention to the mantra which comes now. It is simple and effective.", Aman marketed his ideas.
"Irshaad, Irshaad.", asked Samarth, with a smile on his face.

"In any situation in life before you take any decision about it and make any perception of the situation you just need to do one thing. 
You need to talk about the situation to yourself and speak in your mind to yourself to define exactly what the situation is. Almost everyone does this but they miss the most important thing which I will tell you now.
The mantra to keep happy and positive. ", he gulped down more whiskey. Samarth was worried as Aman never used to drink so much. 
"Wow!", shouted Aman loudly enough to gather attention from every one around him. "Wow! is the keyword which will keep you all positive and happy in every phase of you life.", he started a speech. He managed to get on the table with a glass of whiskey half full in his hand and he was shaking. He was out but he continued speaking. 
"In any situation in your life, just add a Wow when you define the situation. How ever worse the situation seem you will never be able to define situation negatively if you start the definition with Wow!", he spoke as everybody listened to him. Some with amusing smiles and some drunk guys looked to him as a great speaker. 
"Look around you for the positive and successful people. The problem solvers in your office and around you in any sphere of life. When a worse situation comes they start with Wow! interesting problem. The situation is eased out. How can a negative mind add positive to a situation which is negative?", he asked the crowd who was now seriously listening to him. 
"Try framing a sentence starting with Wow and the sentence ought to be negative. You may be able to add the negative words but wow gives you a feeling which is not so negative. ", carried on Aman with a smile. 
"Just make it a habit to add a Wow in every situation and you will be blessed with positive energy says the great great Guru Aman", he laughed. 
There were people making fun of him and Samarth was kind of embarrassed but Aman was out of his control. 
"You find it difficult to get up in the morning and can't feel fresh, just say to yourself Wow! what a morning?. 
You don't like to go to office and have no choice, just remind yourself of the wonderful no choice experience which many people like sons of Mallayas and Ambanis don't have. Just say - Wow! I have no choice experience. Wow!  I have to go to office. Without Wow these sentences are so negative, but 'wow' factor makes the situation feel easy on you. 
In office you are caught in a big problem, you have cliché like problem is opportunity. Just use it like 'Wow!, what a problem' and the chances to find better and faster solution increased many folds.", boasted Aman.
"If you use Wow so much then why do you sound so frustrated shouting here?", asked a gentleman politely but cynically. 
"Wow! what a question?", laughed Aman before answering. "I am not frustrated. I lost my job today and I am not sad but I told my self 'Wow! what a chance to be free for sometime and explore new things.' I told to myself 'Wow! new experience of being thrown out of job.' and the situation doesn't seem as bad as everyone else felt it. The wow gives me enough positive to ask my friend who is cribbing for increment to think positive in-spite of losing the job. ", paused Aman after half answering the question. 
".. and the most important it solves my purpose of life, it doesn't let me give in at any time. It keeps me going. 
This is what it will do for you.", he completed and with some help managed to get back on his seat. 
Half of the people listening to him were stunned and silenced.
Most of it all was Samarth, who had been talking about is office things and never worried about Aman. He felt guilty. Finally they reached their respective homes.

After two days which Aman had spent mostly sleeping and thinking of going back to his place to live peacefully with some small work, he received a letter. He opened the letter and it said, 

"Wow! It really works.", thought Aman.

PS: Be positive and make world a more positive place. Wow! I am half asleep. Never mind grammar and spelling mistakes. 


  1. wow wat a story !! :)
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