Sunday, 28 August 2011

The fun of being a Demo'Crazy' country.

The moment that the so called 'whole of India' has been waiting for finally arrived on the Sunday morning of 28th August as Anna Hazare broke his fast and the 'whole of India' which accounts to be if scientific calculators work right about 0.5% of India's population when I exaggerate, celebrated the victory of democracy. India can take a lot of pride in its democratic system. If we start making analogies with the living beings then democracy can surely be equivalent to the soul of that living being.
India's constitution was written by really prominent and intellectual people who were great visionaries and thus democratic system fell into the place. Those were the people who were not only intellectually great but were really very sensitive to morality. They put forth a constitution which proposed equality for all. One of the biggest menace, even bigger than corruption which existed in the British Raj where we had concept of untouchables not really being treated as equals and it was promoted by the colonials for their benefit of'course. The success of our constitution can be judged by the fact that we did not need Nelson Mandela to remove that inequality. So I respect the constitution.
More so, because it not just countered the inequality of casts but all the others. Today in our country we see people like Hazare and the 'whole of India's' middle class protest and have an aandolan against corruption even though they themselves are deeply involved in it. But the assumption which gives them power to protest without guilt is that they only suffer of it and politicians, government employees are the criminals who make them suffer which is a very naive presumption. More over they talk of morality and ask the Prime Minister of the country to resign on the moral grounds. They forget that on moral basis they should start the charity from their home and get better of themselves first. The double standards which are embodiment of this protest take the back seat as the bribe payers, criminals by law are shown as heroes on the news channels. But in democracy of course as we were taught which is for the people the ideals and principals take the back seat. They are only to be implemented by the politicians. 
A man whose dictator like attributes which he calls enforcing the law is said to struggle in Ralegan Siddhi where he did bring development in sight but keeping the constitution aside. Beating people who wish to drink or smoke and getting the liquor shops to close by force. A place where constitution takes the back seat and elections are not conducted Hazare though not owning a house in his name had a nice time. But again the beauty of our constitution and democracy allows that man to stand for the constitutional and fundamental rights even though in his village liberalization and choosing to drink is abandoned by power, perhaps another high for the democracy in our country.
I was surprised to see that during all the debates, sensible and senseless comments being made on the news channels, every one kept talking of the rights. I do not really understand then why my respected teachers in school put so much on stress on the duties part of the constitution. No body ever mentioned it. It was like a crime not to support Anna Hazare during his campaign when you talked to people, even if you were much better than them morally and did your bit by being lesser corrupt. The point of views do vary and majority of course rules. The majority have a relative index to it with parameters like time and place playing an important part. So was I caught often in minority in this case. And of course in democracy majority enjoys the privileged right to win, but with the sense of duty to give respect and protect the point of views of the minority rationally.   
There are so many things in our constitution that just keeps impressing me and demand more respect all the time, like electing our representative. The right to exercise your vote. The best part is even if you fail to fulfill your duties to exercise this right and have your say in the election, you can still demand of that person and ask for your other rights irrespective of the duties. Perhaps, you can claim the elected representative an illiterate and use terms like 'traitor', 'stupid' and so many like them and get away. The whole point is that our constitution has made our nation a purely democratic country where the picture is always very clear. 
I heard people shouting on TV, "by the people, of the people and for the people" to which I absolutely agree. They claimed that these principles were not being reflected in current times though I strongly disagree the fact. Rather these principles have been so well imbibed in our constitution that the face of our nation is the nature of its people.
If we have so called corrupt and bad leaders in the Parliament and the Legislatures then it is so because the voter turn out is ridiculously less in our country. The educated class do not go to vote and people who are still waiting for something to happen which will transform them from being just literate to educated vote and even then they are pretty much less in numbers. As the people ignore their most important duty and the most powerful right, they change the face of the nation by showing the lack of concern really. The people who are in the parliament are people like us and of us, thus fulfilling the 'of the people' principle. This is strongly supported by the fact that any Indian citizen like us who is more than or 25 years of age can contest. They are elected by us and thus the second principle falls into place.
The third principle i.e. 'for the people' seems to the most debatable in the current scenario. The good is done for the people and the bad is too. For the people who elected them and exercised their right to vote whilst at the same time fulfilling their duty to do the same. To stand up and say that we elected them and now we are fed up of the government in two and half years is a shame because most of those who say this did not even vote. 
Thus, the constitution and the democratic system of our country never seizes to amaze me as people who didn't vote and elect can also stand and say that they are fed up of their representatives. Not surprisingly, even  this kind of inequality is taken care of by the constitution. The plurality of our thoughts, may they be weird or reasonable is the fun in our country. We have in our culture, mostly learnt to respect the inequality of thoughts among each others and still be united while putting forward our thoughts on the floor strongly. The constitution thus promotes the dialogue by giving equal respect to thoughts of the people in the country. The way we are, way we live, way we exercise our rights and fulfill our duties is the way the face of our Nation looks like.
How ever crazy it may be , we think and we entertain other's views too and thats for me is the fun of being a Demo'Crazy', country. 

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