Wednesday, 20 April 2011

the Star culture and the SuperStar Mahatma.

"Ab to India ki saari problem khatam ho jayengi saab." (India's problems will now be coming to an end, sir), assured me the chai wala (tea seller) near my office. "kaise?",  I questioned.
"Anna Hazare aa gaya hai na, Jan Lokpal bill se sab sahi ho jayega.", he pressed. "Anna Hazare doosra Gandhi hai. Paper mein sab jagah yehi likha hai. Wo bolega toh main bhi bhook hadtal pe jaunga saab.",  he carried on with a lot of enthusiasm and belief.
"Aap Gandhi ke baare mein kya jaante hain ?", (What do you know about Gandhi?) I asked. "Aur Anna Hazare ke baare kitna jaante hain?", I inquired after a little pause.
" Jitna Akhbar mein chappta hai , utna toh main jaanta hun saab. Aajkal roz tv mein bi aa raha hai. Ghar jaakar news channel dekhta hun .", he told of his knowledge.
"OK.", I said and left the scene after finishing my tea.

Now sitting here I am writing this because I felt the star culture can be a reason for lack of knowledge with most of the Indian people who work in unorganized sector and some of the organized as well.
Anna Hazare portrayed himself as a Gandhian and  his lieutenants portrayed him as the Gandhi itself by asking people to come out because "Gandhi was calling." Once the media supported Anna Hazare became a star and here in our country, advice of Aamir Khan on cricket and Anupam Kher in politics is given more importance than others from the same profession. After all they are stars so they are always right.
Anna Hazare has commented on politicians as if they are all unclean and when asked that if the government has five non corrupt ministers, he laughed and said we will try to find the one who are least and manage with that.
I will say he was absolutely right with his decision as he is not the cleanest himself. Its just that people don't know about his past as much as they know of how he presents himself and claims to be like one of the cleanest creature on the earth and doesn't the  image of a star plays an important role in India.
Isn't this misguiding people? Yes, may be. After reading Justice PB Sawant's report I can surely say terming Anna Hazare as Modern Gandhi is injustice with the Mahatma.
As for misguiding is concerned, its not Hazare and his team fully, its the Star Culture of our country where people blindly go on the image of the person rather than facts.
For facts - read the following report. page 256 onwards especially. 


  1. Its a sad truth that "its the Star Culture of our country where people blindly go on the image of the person rather than facts."

    Koi bada aadmi kuch bhi bolta hai toh log aankh band karke vishwas kar lete hain aur ye bhool jate hain ki bolne wala bhi insan hi toh hai.

  2. You know a friend once said, "The lobby where the best minds meet the worst, there must be something terribly wrong." With so much of talent, how the hell is the political system corrupt and how on earth cant we counter it. Anna Hazare belongs to that lobby. That is the sad truth.