Thursday, 7 April 2011

A note to IAC

Initially when I heard of Annaji's fast and Jan Lokpal, I was ready to reach Jantar Mantar for fasting along with him. I thought of preparing myself up mentally to fight till the end so I decided to get extra motivation and I started reading the Jan Lokpal Bill. With some more research I felt that Jan Lokpal Bill alone is not enough to get rid of corruption in this country. There are lot of discrepancies which are not addressed yet. Though very ready to go and fight till my last breadth as being a Gandhiji's follower, I decided to take a decision which is really full of conviction and gives me satisfaction morally and strength to stand with the decision till the end. Also the fast started without any discussions across the table. Though I agree that discussions with people like Sharad Pawar in the committee are of no use but then a request to keep him out and then discuss should be the first step. Yes, if the discussions fail, SATYAGRAH is the choice.
To say to a layman, the Jan Lokpal Bill will help common man as his tool to fight against corruption and file a complaint against any public servant who may or may not have taken any appropriate action.
Does this prevent people who want to bribe for their own benefits from encouraging the public servant for corruption? I don't really think so. For corruption free Indian its not only the government and other public servants who need to be scrutinized but also the people. Corruption has prevailed this way and it will continue to do so if these kind of people are not stopped or educated morally.
The moral education and rational education in this country has been limited later on. Nayi Talim was a great step but gradually reasoning wise moral education has been lacking. One of my acquaintance bribed to get this house registered recently. The reason was not alone that without bribe the work wouldn't be done. The reason was it would be done quicker this way. In these kind of cases if people are ready to suffer initially and keep patience they may have got their work done without bribe. Its the unity in the objective that is required, where people stick together not to offer bribe and support each other.
Then again the entrepreneurs which claim to be morally correct are a big concern. They offer bribe to get a piece of land before their competitors. These things are more needed to be addressed to really achieve the goal of getting our country corruption free.
Lastly amendments are needed to be made in the education system where more of the stress should be given on the moral side of it. The children, the future of this country need to learn from very beginning the right things and get into right frame of habits morally. Out of these kids the future politicians will be made and we need to build better politicians. Without this no matter how many bills may come into affect, the country may not be corruption free.
Lastly, I think along with these points and few others from people over the country, the Jan Lokpal Bill can be more powerful from its current state

PS: With due respect to Annaji and Jan Lokpal bill I appeal to all the people in India to change their habits of bribing police to avoid fine. We can bring change not just by getting corrupt politicians in the jail. We need to bring that change from the bottom where people need to stop bribing just to get ahead the line. People need to be morally right too. They need to stop being selfish to win race. Please that is what is missing in Jan Lokpal bill which needs to be addressed. The corruption has only spread its root and firmed itself with the help of people who don't struggle at the lowest level to get their work done. If people learn to be unselfish and get ready to fight and lose few materialistic things then only we will be successful. After all the politicians are not born in parliament, they are people like us who get into politics.


  1. Dude! I agree with you.I appreciate the way you have put your thoughts. Its commendable!!

  2. Please post your name sir.It will be great to know.