Friday, 25 March 2011

A match to remember for many reasons.

At the break when Australia has scored a respectful total of 260 with Ponting getting back in form almost playing a flawless innings he wouldn't have been a relieved man. So much pressure has been there in past few days, but he persevered and showed what a champion he is. After all he has been in the world cup winning squad three times of which he has lead his time to it.

India knew that the game was on. When one champion performs, others relish the challenge to answer and so that must be going in the mind of the great Master Blaster Sachin. He has been in tremendous form. The chase was on as they were not so very good batting conditions.

Sachin scored a fifty which sounds pretty decent and some boundaries like the one on the midwicket with a flick, that made me stand and applause seemed to showcase the innings as a fluent one. People, specially Indian crowd do have a small memory. The outside edges of Sachin don't make that inning so fluent with all the respect to him. Surely they were tough conditions but the ball was new and hard it was nice to play medium pacers.

What Ponting may have been thinking though out. He has not been on the losing side so often. He tried his hardest. The evening could be summarized for him in his try to stop the ball on his left hand side, the hand which has a famously injured little finger. But the ball went passed. Sachin did his  job, so did Gambhir, Yuvraj and Raina. And the match went past Ponting too. The match truly worthy of a world cup quarter final.

The reasons why this match should a memorable one are Sachin getting to his Eighteen thousand runs, Yuvraj hitting the purple patch, Ponting getting back to form and the most importantly Australia out of the World Cup which may seem odd to many people out there as it was kind of a habit for them.

Sachin getting to his Eighteen thousand runs has to happen. It is now a routine for cricket lovers in the world to stand up and clap every 10th match as Sachin is breaking some record. What a batsman!
Yuvraj, who had question marks coming into this world cup has been a quiet self but not with the bat and ball. A younger Yuvraj would be arguing, speaking and shouting but may be the calmness has added the maturity in him and what a way he has answered his critics. He may be going along to win the Man of the Series.
At last what was important was getting over the line and Yuvraj along with Raina got India across.

The other part to it which I noticed was Indian crowd. They don't appreciate cricket. They are not cricket fans I should say but Indian Nationalists.
When I got up in the morning I could see Indians abuse Ponting and Australia through various media. I was as disappointed by this as much I was joyous on the win.

To be honest there were too many edges and discomfort for Indian batsmen as compared to Aussies. One may have no issues with that as they were with better temperament and the victory is most important.
Amazingly the crowd is too ignorant to the fact, the team which they call fully Indian has South African Coach and non Indian people in the dressing room. We need to learn to accept facts and appreciate others too with moving along of our wish to win.

Remember the 1996 Semifinal when the match was aborted and India was ashamed not just because we lost but the way we behaved.
We didn't know how to behave when we lose badly. This time its the other way round.
We don't know how to win and win with a smile for the opposition rather than abusing the defending champions.  It hurts when a buddy in my office sends an abusive Yuvraj - Ponting poster to my team which include Australians.

India though move to Mohali and have the brightest chance to bring the cup home now. But the people need to keep the sporting spirits alive. 


  1. True! May be harsh for some, but true.

    "Indian crowd, they don't appreciate cricket. They are not cricket fans I should say but Indian Nationalists."

    A very few people from the crowd stood for the great shots played by austrailian players which shows less sports-spirit and more favouritism in indians.

    Nice blog post. And yes it was a match to be remembered!

    "Sachin getting to his Eighteen thousand runs, Yuvraj hitting the purple patch, Ponting getting back to form and the most importantly Australia out of the World Cup"

    I loved the way you penned down your thoughts.
    Keep it up!

    - Neha

  2. Excellent writing. In my view what Yuvi is doing is showing a very different Yuvraj we seen till now. Before the world cup we used to see Yuvi as who hit 6 sixes in the over. Now things are different. He changed because he knows his strengths now in much better. He knows he is threat to another team. He knows it that India will be in the game in any situation as much he is inside that field.

  3. great article!!!very good writing!!!and a great thoughts which are shared!!!indian people are definitely not cricket lovers because if they appreciate cricket they should have stood up and applaused the great shots palyed by Haddin on Munaf Patel merely destroying his line and length in his first over and shaking the confidence level of the indian pacer and makin MSD think twice..they should have stood up and applauded the classic six hitten by the champion batsmen Ricky Ponting the greatest batsmen ever...and the way he played taking the defending champions to a very respectfull total!!no doubt in the end victory matters!!!but for me attitude matters more than victory!!!indians really played well!!!their fielding performance was absolutely stunning and the best comparatively to last 5-6 years....they deserved the win!!!but it was equally balanced performance by both sides.....but still australian's do have a better attitude than the indian team!!!they never lose faith which was shown by Brett Lee in 48th over when he bowled three back to back yorkers to yuvraj singh....i think Indian people should learn some atticates and lessons from 1996 semi against Sri Lanka!!so now they have got the oppurtunity to prove their critics wrong by showing and keeping the spirit of cricket alive ...and they have to learn to respect cricket and not only indian cricket!!!and also they should respect the fighting spirit of the defending champions who just snatched the victory from the indians with MSD...but the fortune again twisted and aussies los to to youvraj singh and not to india i think!!!indian people should learn to respect other team players too as they say themselves to be fan of sachin,yuvraj,dhoni they should learn that MASTER of BAT also respects every player of the world..and who also applauded the great batting performance of the aussie skipper!!!
    but full credit to indian team the way they played after the dissmisal of their skipper!!!

    good performance by indian team!!!all the best to team india for the big match on 30th march!!!THE SEMI-FINAL of the CUP THAT COUNTS....



  4. Nice. A different perception which in itself is well reasoned.