Wednesday, 31 August 2011

तुम 'तुम' नहीं होते, मैं 'मैं' नहीं होता

आईने से अगर चेहरे हुआ करते तो क्या होता
तुम 'तुम' नहीं होते, मैं 'मैं' नहीं होता !!

मुकद्दर में बराबर सब अगर होता तो क्या होता
जो न होता कोई बर्बाद, कोई आबाद नहीं होता !!

आने जाने का सिलसिला नहीं होता तो क्या होता
न होती किसी में जान, कोई शमशान नहीं होता !!

आवारा 'राही' काफ़िर नहीं होता तो क्या होता
जो न होता कोई नापाक, कोई पाक नहीं होता !!

फ़रिश्ते सभी से मिला करते तो क्या होता 
न होता कोई शैतान, कोई भगवान् नहीं होता !!

आईने से अगर चेहरे हुआ करते तो क्या होता
तुम 'तुम' नहीं होते, मैं 'मैं' नहीं होता !!

Sunday, 28 August 2011

The fun of being a Demo'Crazy' country.

The moment that the so called 'whole of India' has been waiting for finally arrived on the Sunday morning of 28th August as Anna Hazare broke his fast and the 'whole of India' which accounts to be if scientific calculators work right about 0.5% of India's population when I exaggerate, celebrated the victory of democracy. India can take a lot of pride in its democratic system. If we start making analogies with the living beings then democracy can surely be equivalent to the soul of that living being.
India's constitution was written by really prominent and intellectual people who were great visionaries and thus democratic system fell into the place. Those were the people who were not only intellectually great but were really very sensitive to morality. They put forth a constitution which proposed equality for all. One of the biggest menace, even bigger than corruption which existed in the British Raj where we had concept of untouchables not really being treated as equals and it was promoted by the colonials for their benefit of'course. The success of our constitution can be judged by the fact that we did not need Nelson Mandela to remove that inequality. So I respect the constitution.
More so, because it not just countered the inequality of casts but all the others. Today in our country we see people like Hazare and the 'whole of India's' middle class protest and have an aandolan against corruption even though they themselves are deeply involved in it. But the assumption which gives them power to protest without guilt is that they only suffer of it and politicians, government employees are the criminals who make them suffer which is a very naive presumption. More over they talk of morality and ask the Prime Minister of the country to resign on the moral grounds. They forget that on moral basis they should start the charity from their home and get better of themselves first. The double standards which are embodiment of this protest take the back seat as the bribe payers, criminals by law are shown as heroes on the news channels. But in democracy of course as we were taught which is for the people the ideals and principals take the back seat. They are only to be implemented by the politicians. 
A man whose dictator like attributes which he calls enforcing the law is said to struggle in Ralegan Siddhi where he did bring development in sight but keeping the constitution aside. Beating people who wish to drink or smoke and getting the liquor shops to close by force. A place where constitution takes the back seat and elections are not conducted Hazare though not owning a house in his name had a nice time. But again the beauty of our constitution and democracy allows that man to stand for the constitutional and fundamental rights even though in his village liberalization and choosing to drink is abandoned by power, perhaps another high for the democracy in our country.
I was surprised to see that during all the debates, sensible and senseless comments being made on the news channels, every one kept talking of the rights. I do not really understand then why my respected teachers in school put so much on stress on the duties part of the constitution. No body ever mentioned it. It was like a crime not to support Anna Hazare during his campaign when you talked to people, even if you were much better than them morally and did your bit by being lesser corrupt. The point of views do vary and majority of course rules. The majority have a relative index to it with parameters like time and place playing an important part. So was I caught often in minority in this case. And of course in democracy majority enjoys the privileged right to win, but with the sense of duty to give respect and protect the point of views of the minority rationally.   
There are so many things in our constitution that just keeps impressing me and demand more respect all the time, like electing our representative. The right to exercise your vote. The best part is even if you fail to fulfill your duties to exercise this right and have your say in the election, you can still demand of that person and ask for your other rights irrespective of the duties. Perhaps, you can claim the elected representative an illiterate and use terms like 'traitor', 'stupid' and so many like them and get away. The whole point is that our constitution has made our nation a purely democratic country where the picture is always very clear. 
I heard people shouting on TV, "by the people, of the people and for the people" to which I absolutely agree. They claimed that these principles were not being reflected in current times though I strongly disagree the fact. Rather these principles have been so well imbibed in our constitution that the face of our nation is the nature of its people.
If we have so called corrupt and bad leaders in the Parliament and the Legislatures then it is so because the voter turn out is ridiculously less in our country. The educated class do not go to vote and people who are still waiting for something to happen which will transform them from being just literate to educated vote and even then they are pretty much less in numbers. As the people ignore their most important duty and the most powerful right, they change the face of the nation by showing the lack of concern really. The people who are in the parliament are people like us and of us, thus fulfilling the 'of the people' principle. This is strongly supported by the fact that any Indian citizen like us who is more than or 25 years of age can contest. They are elected by us and thus the second principle falls into place.
The third principle i.e. 'for the people' seems to the most debatable in the current scenario. The good is done for the people and the bad is too. For the people who elected them and exercised their right to vote whilst at the same time fulfilling their duty to do the same. To stand up and say that we elected them and now we are fed up of the government in two and half years is a shame because most of those who say this did not even vote. 
Thus, the constitution and the democratic system of our country never seizes to amaze me as people who didn't vote and elect can also stand and say that they are fed up of their representatives. Not surprisingly, even  this kind of inequality is taken care of by the constitution. The plurality of our thoughts, may they be weird or reasonable is the fun in our country. We have in our culture, mostly learnt to respect the inequality of thoughts among each others and still be united while putting forward our thoughts on the floor strongly. The constitution thus promotes the dialogue by giving equal respect to thoughts of the people in the country. The way we are, way we live, way we exercise our rights and fulfill our duties is the way the face of our Nation looks like.
How ever crazy it may be , we think and we entertain other's views too and thats for me is the fun of being a Demo'Crazy', country. 

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Lets do our Legends proud.

The population of young people in India promises a lot for the future of the nation. The Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports apparently faces an uphill task in the development of Youth. The National Youth Policy of 2003 recognized few sectors of importance in development of the youth in the country,  Recreation and Sports being one of them. Whenever we have talked about youth development in general, Recreation and Sports has never really been given the importance it beholds.
The country has produced many great athletes and sports persons. They have done the nation proud but has the nation made them proud too? The question above doesn't only asks to give honors and money to the players who have performed outstandingly well in their sports but more importantly it complains about the development of sports in the country. The recent doping scandal is just one example of lack of attention in the area. The scandal just opens floodgates for many questions. The most fundamental of it is lack of proper information and system organization. There is definite lack of organized processes and communication in Sports in India.
After the Being Olympics the heroes like Abhinav Bindra, Vijender Singh and Sushil Kumar were in the limelight but only for a brief period. The Common Wealth Games 2010 were successful for India expect the scams side of it. The heroes, who were cherished, mostly unidentified then and forgotten now.  The reason could be the success of the Indian cricket team in the ICC World Cup 2011 which was held in the sub continent giving a touch more rise to the passions. Cricket which is like a religion in the country, has been one of the most followed and successful sports in the past two decades. Indian Premier League's four seasons have been a little contributor in the development of cricket in the nation and changing the mindset.
It is disappointing to state that wanting to be a cricketer in future is still a taboo in some parts of the country. The sport which has risen so much in the past four years. There has been a change of mindset in the metros where kids want to be cricketers and parents do support them to pursue the dream and career in cricket. This rise has to taken as the benchmark for the  upliftment of other sports.
It is high time now that the system needs to be shaken up. A revolution in the system for the development of youth in Sports is the need of the hour. Years have gone by and gone is the glory which hockey used to bring to the nation. It is shocking to see such state of the National Sport in our country. Do we lack talent in the young men and women of India when it comes to Sports other than Cricket? The answer is pretty simple, we do not. Then why every Olympic's medal tally has very less for India? Why does the headlines like India again fails to qualify for a World Cup or Olympics common for the football fans in the nation?
There are many youngsters who after a great start and passion for the sports have to leave it or accept it as a hobby to move along and earn their bread and butter. Some do not get enough infrastructure to progress and improve. The fact that we lack infrastructure for sports is not very unknown one. The other aspect is the prospects for the budding players. The security for the future which encourages people to let their kids and people who stop playing professionally at the age of 24-25 keep playing. 
When we talk of youth development in other important sectors of youth development, there are many options for the pursuer. There are many institutions like colleges and skill development centers set up by the government. To bring the change in the system and to develop youth in Sports we need to change the concept  of sports from just limited to fields, courts and pools to extend it to class rooms and sciences. The change should be brought in the way sports is perceived in the society. There need not only just academies but Sports should be introduced as a subject after the secondary education (High School Tenth Standard) and there should be graduation courses in Sports. Courses like Physical Education do exist in the country but they have failed to attract a large audience. To develop the youth and encourage young talent to continue graduations in Sports with specialization in individual sports is the need of the moment. The courses should include detailed information about the diet plans, drugs which should not be user to avoid doping, physics of sports and other detailed things. Today only the international players get awareness. The specialization in making sports instruments can be an important part of skill development.
Innovative measure have to be taken now to revive and develop the sports in India and to encourage young Indians to become sports persons and make the country proud. Amazingly, when I look at the fact that we lack infrastructure, system and academies but still our nation has produced legends in the field of Sports it does make sense to say that we have a lot of talent here. The pool of talent is there and now is the time that we develop the raw talent and bring glory to our nation. Just as the American Journalist Howard Cosell rightly said,  "Sports is human life in microcosm.", lets work to build the glory and bring the much needed change and do our legends proud.

Tuesday, 9 August 2011


मद्धम मद्धम जल रही है 
थोड़ी पुरानी थोड़ी नयी है
खुद को ज़िंदा रख रही है
वो किसी को जलाती नहीं है
वो है गर्म इतनी सी बस
कि वो बुझ चुकी नहीं है
गुनगुना सा ऐहसास देने वाली
वो किसी को दिखती नहीं है
अनकही ख़ामोश सी है
शबनम नहीं शोला नहीं है
झिलमिलाती लड़खड़ाती छोटी सही
मुझमें भी एक आग है
मुझमें भी एक आग है.!


वो सच नहीं जो सब कहा करते हैं 
सच वो है जो तेरा दिल कह रहा है

जो दूर है कुछ तो मलाल क्या है
जो कुछ मानले तू, वो ही तेरा है

कुछ पा लिया तो न बघार शेखियां तू
आखिरी घडी में सब यहीं लौटाना पड़ा है

जो बिछड़ गए वो भी दोस्त थे 
जो नया मिला वो अब हमसफ़र तेरा है 

यूँ मील के पत्थर न गिन 'राही'
ये ज़िन्दगी एक लम्बा रास्ता है !!

Saturday, 16 July 2011


दिल मेरा, मेरे काबू नहीं है 
अब समझ नासमझ सी है 
कुछ इस कदर मेरा जुनूं है
मुझसे खफा मेरी ज़िन्दगी है 

मोहताज हो मुकाबले का 
वो लहू क्या ही लहू है 
हर सांस में उफान है 
जंग जिस्म-ओ-ज़मीर की है 

क्या अमीरों का भरम 
ऐहसास भी एक चीज़ सी है 
शाह-ए-दिल से पूछ लो 
मेरा आसमान, मेरी ही ज़मीन है

मेरे कदम काफिर नहीं हैं 
मंजिल कोई कभी देखि नहीं है 
रास्ता लेकिन ये ही है 
'राही' को पूरा यकीं है

सबका ख़ुदा, मेरा नहीं है
किसी  देश से नाता नहीं है 
इंसानियत मेरा करम है 
मेरा देश, मेरा सजदा यही है 

मैं कौन हूँ ये क्या ज़रूरी
मिटटी मेरी पहचान नहीं है 
कोई झंडा मेरा अपना नहीं है 
गुमनाम मेरी हस्ति सही है. 

Friday, 24 June 2011

दिल | dil

न जानता है तू
न जान पायेगा
तेरे मिजाज़ हैं अलग
तू कैसे मान जायेगा
जो कुछ कहूँगा मैं
तुझे न रास आयेगा
तुझे इल्म है ही क्या 
मेरी मजबूरियां हैं क्या
मैं क्यूँ रुका हुआ
मैं क्यूँ थमा हुआ 
मुझे उड़ने को न कह 
ऐ ग़म-ए-दिल |
कई डोरों से बंधा हुआ 
मैं कैद हूँ यहाँ
मुझे उड़ने को न कह
ऐ ग़म-ए-दिल ||
na jaanta hai tu
na jaan payega
tere mijaaz hain alag
tu kaise maan payega
jo kuch kahunga main
tujhe na raas ayega
tujhe ilm hai hi kya
meri majbooriyan hain kya
main kyun ruka hua
main kyun thama hua
mujhe udne ko na kah
aye gham-e-dil.
kai doron se bandha hua
main kaid hun yahan
mujhe udhne ko na kah
aye gham-e-dil.

Monday, 16 May 2011


तेरी आँखों में जो मस्ती है
मेरी आँखों में बसती है
उसने बताया मुझे तेरे चले जाने के बाद. 

फिज़ा में कुछ कमी सी है
तेरी खुसबू मेरी साँसों में बसी सी है 
उसने बताया मुझे तेरे चले जाने के बाद. 

तेरी मुस्कराहट करे रौशन 
मेरी घर और मेरा दिन
उसने बताया मुझे तेरे चले जाने के बाद. 

तेरी जुल्फों के साये में 
मेरे सपने पनपते हैं
उसने बताया मुझे तेरे चले जाने के बाद. 

तेरे जिस्म का एहसास 
मेरे होने का एहसास है 
उसने बताया मुझे तेरे चले जाने के बाद.  

अकेला नहीं होता हूँ मैं
तुझसे मिलने के बाद
तन्हाई बातें करती है मुझसे तेरे चले जाने के बाद. 


जो जले हैं कहीं कहीं, उनपे रहम कर लेते हो 
न जले कभी तो जाने कैसे, कि आग से खेलने का मज़ा क्या है

जो बेखुद हैं कभी कभी, उनपे ताने कास लेते हो
न दिल लगाया कभी तो जाने कैसे, कि दीवानगी का मज़ा क्या है

जो बहके हुए हैं अजनबी, उनपे तो हंस लेते हो
न पी कभी तो जाने कैसे, कि मदहोशी का मज़ा क्या है

जो मिलते हैं कभी कभी, उनसे दूरी रखते हो
न मिले दिल से तो जाने कैसे, कि वस्ल का मज़ा क्या है

जो खतरों से खेले 'राही', उनकी मंजिल गिनते हो
न खेले मौत से तो जाने कैसे, कि ज़िन्दगी का मज़ा क्या है

Saturday, 14 May 2011


तुम किया करते थे फक्र से इस शहर की बात 
फकत आबाद यहाँ दौलत, दिल-ओ-ज़ेहन बर्बाद

क्या खरीदें और क्या बेचें खुल गया बाज़ार
एक टूटा दिल और कुछ ग़ज़लें, राही की औकात.

किस से पूछें यहाँ की देगा क्या कोई मेरा साथ
फितरतों में है बेवफाई, और इरादे नापाक 

माना बड़े बड़े हैं मकान दर-ओ-दीवार
लम्बी बहुत हैं लेकिन यहाँ तन्हाई की रात

तौबा करते हैं शहर से, आई गाँव की याद
यहाँ कोई नहीं अपना, ना कोई जज़्बात

अपने हाथों की बनी रोटी और सरसों का साग
बना के करती होगी वहां माँ, मेरा इंतज़ार.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011


"Woh jo ishq tha woh junoon tha, ye jo hijr hai, ye naseeb hai.", murmured Mushtaq trying to be in sync with voice of Jagjit Singh coming from an old tape player kept in his room. He stands in the balcony looking into the beautiful looking saffron sky as the dawn knocked on the door of his part of the world.
 The ghazal continued to play in the background but Mushtaq stopped singing. The birds started chirping as saffron started to change to brighter shade of itself. Mushtaq yawned, twisted his neck a little with his hands rising above his head joined together stretched. He has lousy looking eyes which he rubbed almost as if to hurt them with his hand and came back inside the room.
The room was still pretty dark as light could only enter through the small balcony door. The curtains covered the windows. He pressed the button on the tape player to stop the music. Suddenly a beeping sound started to fill the uncomfortable void in the place. He moved the pillow to his side roughly and picked up his mobile phone from the bed. It would have been lying under the pillow. He stopped the alarm on the phone. It was the 'Wake Up Alarm'. He now knew it is 5:30 in the morning. A cool summer morning. He would then go for a walk.
This was a kind of routine for him now, for four years at least since I've known him better. He would come late night after work. Lazily, he would get fresh and ready. I would serve him the dinner and then we would eat together. The best part of the day when we did some thing together. Something which I have to make happen as he would not be really even interested in food even. We would watch some TV, come to our bedroom hug  and cuddle a little bit and some times may be even go on and make love. He seems so like his old self when we make love and then, the real struggle starts.
The struggle to relax. The attempt to sleep. A little battle in itself, when he lies down to sleep, begins. He would lie down, close his eyes and cuddle into my arms. He would try, try and try to get some sleep but in less than half and hour or sometimes even lesser time than that, he is gone. He is gone to the balcony or the study or the TV room where he would just keep watching sports, but wont sleep.
We are married for five years now and how much have things changed. It has not been as smooth as I felt it would be when I met Mushtaq for the first time and then for four years before we got married. It has been a challenge for me too, to adjust with his routine. A bigger challenge is to take to his care. He is so careless about him self and his life. Few things he is not careless about is me, his writing and his love for ghazals.
"Noori, I will always take care of you and will always try not to hurt you. I will always be honest with you and say only truth to you hoping that it does not hurts you. To begin with today, I may love few things more than you and even myself. These things you will come to know gradually. Saying all this I have realized that I just made you aware of how I feel about you and I will like to live my rest of the life with you. Will you like to share a part of your with me?", Mushtaq proposed me in a very very serious manner. He has always been honest. Not just with me but with every one else barring himself as he would always say to me.
His rigorous schedule and living is a consequence of the guilt and grief  he carries in his heart.

"Noori, wake up and please lock the door. I am going for a walk.", he said very politely shrugging me slowly to wake me up as it was his time to go for a walk. I got out of the bed and walked in half sleep behind him. He moved out and I locked the door. I would do this daily and then go back to sleep again.
I walked into the half dark room hurrying to get back into the bed and go back to sleep, I accidentally bumped into the side table making something fall on the floor. I switched on the lights to see have I broken something important. I bent down to see what has fallen and it was a framed photographed of Mushtaq and me together of time just before our marriage.
As I started to clean it up a little with the sleeves of night suit, I just could not stop looking at the smile on Mushtaq's face in the photo. He was so jovial person with so much enthusiasm and love for life. He aspired to become a very good writer and do PhD from some good college abroad. His works were fantastic. I just loved his poetry. He could make a stone smile. "How much has he changed?", I wondered.
He graduated finally from college after his MBA and started to work in a big firm. We got married and what a  first year of marriage did we have. It was the best a newly married bride would hope for. We have been in love for so long and it felt so good to be married to someone who loves you so much.
As time passed, somewhere around one year of his job he started to get frustrated. We would always plan to do something so that he could manage time to write. It was very hard to find that time as our family situation needed so much more of him. He loved his family so much. He still loves it. Gradually, he was stressed out. Working 12 hours a day, he couldn't find time for his love - writing. He suffered from depression and even today he suffers from it. It is his will power and  his love for me and family that has kept him working and alive   though.
As tears start to flow from my eyes, I just can't stop my self from comparing the person whom I married and the person he has become, the person I love most - an INSOMNIAC.   

Saturday, 7 May 2011

मेरा जूनून / Mera Junoon - Ghazal

कई चाहतें, कई आरज़ू
मैं ये सोचता हूँ किसे चुनूं

तू प्यार है मेरा मगर
है कुछ और ही मेरा जूनून
कई चाहतें, कई आरज़ू
मैं ये सोचता हूँ किसे चुनूं

तू मेरा सनम, वो मेरा खुदा
किस के नाम का सजदा करूँ
कई चाहतें, कई आरज़ू
मैं ये सोचता हूँ किसे चुनूं

तुझे पा लिया, तेरा फज्ल है
पर है कहाँ मुझ को सुकून 
कई चाहतें, कई आरज़ू
मैं ये सोचता हूँ किसे चुनूं

तेरी याद है हर पल मगर
मैं उस को कैसे भुला सकूं
कई चाहतें, कई आरज़ू
मैं ये सोचता हूँ किसे चुनूं

तू हूर है, वो गरूर है
'राही' बता मैं क्या करूँ
कई चाहतें, कई आरज़ू
मैं ये सोचता हूँ किसे चुनूं


kayi chaahtein , kayi aarzoo
main ye sochta hun kise chunoon. 

tu pyar hai mera magar
hai kuch aur hi mera junoon.
kayi chaahtein, kayi aarzoo
main ye sochta hun kise chunoon. 

tu mera sanam, woh mera khuda
kis ke naam ka sajda karun
kayi chaahtein, kayi aarzoo
main ye sochta hun kise chunoon. 

tujhe paa liya, tera fazl hai 
par hai kahan mujhko sukoon
kayi chaahtein, kayi aarzoo 
main ye sochta hun kise chunoon. 

teri yaad hai har pal magar
main us ko kaise bhula sakoon
kayi chaahtein kayi aarzoo
main ye sochta hun kise chunoon. 

tu hoor hai, woh garoor hai
'Raahi' bata main kya karun / 'Raahi' bata main kahan chalun.
kayi chaahtein kayi aarzoo
main ye sochta hun kise chunoon

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

the Star culture and the SuperStar Mahatma.

"Ab to India ki saari problem khatam ho jayengi saab." (India's problems will now be coming to an end, sir), assured me the chai wala (tea seller) near my office. "kaise?",  I questioned.
"Anna Hazare aa gaya hai na, Jan Lokpal bill se sab sahi ho jayega.", he pressed. "Anna Hazare doosra Gandhi hai. Paper mein sab jagah yehi likha hai. Wo bolega toh main bhi bhook hadtal pe jaunga saab.",  he carried on with a lot of enthusiasm and belief.
"Aap Gandhi ke baare mein kya jaante hain ?", (What do you know about Gandhi?) I asked. "Aur Anna Hazare ke baare kitna jaante hain?", I inquired after a little pause.
" Jitna Akhbar mein chappta hai , utna toh main jaanta hun saab. Aajkal roz tv mein bi aa raha hai. Ghar jaakar news channel dekhta hun .", he told of his knowledge.
"OK.", I said and left the scene after finishing my tea.

Now sitting here I am writing this because I felt the star culture can be a reason for lack of knowledge with most of the Indian people who work in unorganized sector and some of the organized as well.
Anna Hazare portrayed himself as a Gandhian and  his lieutenants portrayed him as the Gandhi itself by asking people to come out because "Gandhi was calling." Once the media supported Anna Hazare became a star and here in our country, advice of Aamir Khan on cricket and Anupam Kher in politics is given more importance than others from the same profession. After all they are stars so they are always right.
Anna Hazare has commented on politicians as if they are all unclean and when asked that if the government has five non corrupt ministers, he laughed and said we will try to find the one who are least and manage with that.
I will say he was absolutely right with his decision as he is not the cleanest himself. Its just that people don't know about his past as much as they know of how he presents himself and claims to be like one of the cleanest creature on the earth and doesn't the  image of a star plays an important role in India.
Isn't this misguiding people? Yes, may be. After reading Justice PB Sawant's report I can surely say terming Anna Hazare as Modern Gandhi is injustice with the Mahatma.
As for misguiding is concerned, its not Hazare and his team fully, its the Star Culture of our country where people blindly go on the image of the person rather than facts.
For facts - read the following report. page 256 onwards especially. 

Thursday, 7 April 2011


To get rid of corruption lets do what we can do immediately. Lets pledge to improve our selves. Lets pledge never to give bribe no matter whatever we may lose. Lets pledge not to give any donations to get admission in colleges where we dont deserve a seat. Lets pledge not to avoid custom when we bring some gadgets from abroad. Lets pledge to park cars in proper place. Lets pledge to follow the rules. Lets pledge not to save money by not taking bills. Lets pledge to be unselfish and let the first be served first. Lets pledge to change ourselves. This is more important than just a walk and fasting. Common people Lets Pledge. . Jai Hind.

A note to IAC

Initially when I heard of Annaji's fast and Jan Lokpal, I was ready to reach Jantar Mantar for fasting along with him. I thought of preparing myself up mentally to fight till the end so I decided to get extra motivation and I started reading the Jan Lokpal Bill. With some more research I felt that Jan Lokpal Bill alone is not enough to get rid of corruption in this country. There are lot of discrepancies which are not addressed yet. Though very ready to go and fight till my last breadth as being a Gandhiji's follower, I decided to take a decision which is really full of conviction and gives me satisfaction morally and strength to stand with the decision till the end. Also the fast started without any discussions across the table. Though I agree that discussions with people like Sharad Pawar in the committee are of no use but then a request to keep him out and then discuss should be the first step. Yes, if the discussions fail, SATYAGRAH is the choice.
To say to a layman, the Jan Lokpal Bill will help common man as his tool to fight against corruption and file a complaint against any public servant who may or may not have taken any appropriate action.
Does this prevent people who want to bribe for their own benefits from encouraging the public servant for corruption? I don't really think so. For corruption free Indian its not only the government and other public servants who need to be scrutinized but also the people. Corruption has prevailed this way and it will continue to do so if these kind of people are not stopped or educated morally.
The moral education and rational education in this country has been limited later on. Nayi Talim was a great step but gradually reasoning wise moral education has been lacking. One of my acquaintance bribed to get this house registered recently. The reason was not alone that without bribe the work wouldn't be done. The reason was it would be done quicker this way. In these kind of cases if people are ready to suffer initially and keep patience they may have got their work done without bribe. Its the unity in the objective that is required, where people stick together not to offer bribe and support each other.
Then again the entrepreneurs which claim to be morally correct are a big concern. They offer bribe to get a piece of land before their competitors. These things are more needed to be addressed to really achieve the goal of getting our country corruption free.
Lastly amendments are needed to be made in the education system where more of the stress should be given on the moral side of it. The children, the future of this country need to learn from very beginning the right things and get into right frame of habits morally. Out of these kids the future politicians will be made and we need to build better politicians. Without this no matter how many bills may come into affect, the country may not be corruption free.
Lastly, I think along with these points and few others from people over the country, the Jan Lokpal Bill can be more powerful from its current state

PS: With due respect to Annaji and Jan Lokpal bill I appeal to all the people in India to change their habits of bribing police to avoid fine. We can bring change not just by getting corrupt politicians in the jail. We need to bring that change from the bottom where people need to stop bribing just to get ahead the line. People need to be morally right too. They need to stop being selfish to win race. Please that is what is missing in Jan Lokpal bill which needs to be addressed. The corruption has only spread its root and firmed itself with the help of people who don't struggle at the lowest level to get their work done. If people learn to be unselfish and get ready to fight and lose few materialistic things then only we will be successful. After all the politicians are not born in parliament, they are people like us who get into politics.

Friday, 25 March 2011

A match to remember for many reasons.

At the break when Australia has scored a respectful total of 260 with Ponting getting back in form almost playing a flawless innings he wouldn't have been a relieved man. So much pressure has been there in past few days, but he persevered and showed what a champion he is. After all he has been in the world cup winning squad three times of which he has lead his time to it.

India knew that the game was on. When one champion performs, others relish the challenge to answer and so that must be going in the mind of the great Master Blaster Sachin. He has been in tremendous form. The chase was on as they were not so very good batting conditions.

Sachin scored a fifty which sounds pretty decent and some boundaries like the one on the midwicket with a flick, that made me stand and applause seemed to showcase the innings as a fluent one. People, specially Indian crowd do have a small memory. The outside edges of Sachin don't make that inning so fluent with all the respect to him. Surely they were tough conditions but the ball was new and hard it was nice to play medium pacers.

What Ponting may have been thinking though out. He has not been on the losing side so often. He tried his hardest. The evening could be summarized for him in his try to stop the ball on his left hand side, the hand which has a famously injured little finger. But the ball went passed. Sachin did his  job, so did Gambhir, Yuvraj and Raina. And the match went past Ponting too. The match truly worthy of a world cup quarter final.

The reasons why this match should a memorable one are Sachin getting to his Eighteen thousand runs, Yuvraj hitting the purple patch, Ponting getting back to form and the most importantly Australia out of the World Cup which may seem odd to many people out there as it was kind of a habit for them.

Sachin getting to his Eighteen thousand runs has to happen. It is now a routine for cricket lovers in the world to stand up and clap every 10th match as Sachin is breaking some record. What a batsman!
Yuvraj, who had question marks coming into this world cup has been a quiet self but not with the bat and ball. A younger Yuvraj would be arguing, speaking and shouting but may be the calmness has added the maturity in him and what a way he has answered his critics. He may be going along to win the Man of the Series.
At last what was important was getting over the line and Yuvraj along with Raina got India across.

The other part to it which I noticed was Indian crowd. They don't appreciate cricket. They are not cricket fans I should say but Indian Nationalists.
When I got up in the morning I could see Indians abuse Ponting and Australia through various media. I was as disappointed by this as much I was joyous on the win.

To be honest there were too many edges and discomfort for Indian batsmen as compared to Aussies. One may have no issues with that as they were with better temperament and the victory is most important.
Amazingly the crowd is too ignorant to the fact, the team which they call fully Indian has South African Coach and non Indian people in the dressing room. We need to learn to accept facts and appreciate others too with moving along of our wish to win.

Remember the 1996 Semifinal when the match was aborted and India was ashamed not just because we lost but the way we behaved.
We didn't know how to behave when we lose badly. This time its the other way round.
We don't know how to win and win with a smile for the opposition rather than abusing the defending champions.  It hurts when a buddy in my office sends an abusive Yuvraj - Ponting poster to my team which include Australians.

India though move to Mohali and have the brightest chance to bring the cup home now. But the people need to keep the sporting spirits alive. 

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Life is a Desire, Not a Meaning - Charlie Chaplin.

His eyes stood still. For the first time in entire life I could see a sense of satisfaction in his eyes. He was not nervous.

But I was. He lay on the bed number eleven in this government hospital. After all, eleven was his lucky number. He was born on the Eleventh day of April, forty seven years back. Doctors have already left if up to God for him to live or to die.

I took his cold right hand in my hands and nervously started to tickle through in his palm with my fingers. “Your life line suggests nothing will happen to you.”, I said still moving my finger on his life line and looking deep into it as if to hide from something. “You still have a long way to go. You just cant leave it incomplete. It has been a long struggle. How can you do this?”, I upped my tone. “How can you do this to yourself? To me? Nothings gonna happen to you.” I carried on from before hoping for an instant reply, which he would always give. But this time it was not to be.

I lifted my chin up still holding his hand and looked into his eyes. For the first time since I've known him, he was quietly listening to me. I just kept looking towards him and waited. He just kept quiet.
Before my senses could tell me, a drop of tear fell on my hand running down to his palm. He felt it. He felt that drop of tear on his palm faster that I could realize that had I started crying.

Looked down towards his palm and then lifted his eye lids just enough to dive in my heart through my wet eyes and said, “Heena. The dream is not yet over.”.. He took a pause. He was already speaking with pauses between the words as if silence would speak up for him. “The dream is not yet over. Now I want to dream and go to a long sleep. You take if forward.”, he said slowly again with long breaths in between. Just as I was trying to understand and find a meaning in his words he disturbed, “ What do you want meaning for? Life is a desire, not a meaning.”.

“I think you should not speak much now. You need rest.”, I replied seriously. He replied as instantly as always, “We think too much, and feel too little.” “That's what the great Charlie said”, I completed the jargon as I always used to suddenly realizing that I may not get the chance to do so again. He was a great fan of the English comedian Charlie Chaplin.

Once again I broke into tears thinking of life without him. He did not stop me. He just lay there still, seemingly satisfied, and just looked.

“I have left a letter for you on the last page of my diary. Those will be my last words to you.”, he said slowly closing his eyes. “I will read it, OK?”, I replied kind of showing my annoyance and there was no response yet again.

I shook him to show him that he was hurting me with his words, and his head fell from the pillow to the side of it. “Doctor! Help! Help Someone!”, I screamed in fear. I suddenly realized that he was dead. He was gone and left me alone. Ironically, I did not cry. I just went silent and thought that he was gone.

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Kayamat ki Raat. | क़यामत की रात .

Hum to tamannaon ke aanchal mein simat jaate the
Jaane kis mod se nikli, haasil ki baat.

Aaj bhi karti hain mehsoos meri ungliyan
Kabhi pakda tha haathon mein, jo aapka haath.

Main saath chalne ki koshish to kiya karta tha
Tum ruk na paye lekin, Raahi ke saath.

Aaj karta hai insaan jo use karne do
Jab Woh bolega hogi Kayamat ki raat.

Hum to tamannaon ke aanchal mein simat jaate the
Jaane kis mod se nikli, haasil ki baat.


हम  तो  तमन्नाओं  के  आँचल  में  सिमट  जाते  थे 
जाने  किस  मोड़  से  निकली, हासिल  की  बात . 

आज  भी  करती  हैं  महसूस  मेरी  उँगलियाँ 
कभी  पकड़ा  था  हाथों  में, जो  आपका  हाथ .

मैं  साथ  चलने  की  कोशिश  तो  किया  करता  था 
तुम  रुक  न  पाए  लेकिन , राही  के  साथ . 

आज  करता  है  इंसान  जो  उसे  करने  दो 
जब  वोह  बोलेगा  होगी  क़यामत  की  रात .

हम  तो  तमन्नाओं  के  आँचल  में  सिमट  जाते  थे 
जाने  किस  मोड़  से  निकली, हासिल  की  बात .