Saturday, 10 July 2010

The Wall

We live in free India. We live in free World. Freedom is the birthright of every human. Nature made us to be free, but are we? When I read of seven murders in the capital today, I feel sad. I feel insecure for self, friends, family and others. Seven murders in a day. People are being killed in the posh societies. People being killed in the open markets. As I read through the paper and discussed with the friends, some blamed police and some destiny.

It is amazing how, when we proclaim self to be free we still are blaming our destiny and others. In the times where technology has gone from good to better and tending towards the best now, are these killings accepted? We live in a Hi-Tech world where the societies, the cars and the houses have powerful security systems. There have been many  developments in this regard and the researchers are still working on it. Why are these crimes so easy to commit?

Just like to curb these crimes there are various other kinds of discomforts which our society is plagued of. We find many easy things difficult today. When our economy has grown strong and technology has led the path for past decades, bringing up children has never been so tough. This is what I have heard from IT experts, school teachers and corporate executives of late. Well I guess bringing up child was always easier than today. Wasn't it? It is easier to reach moon today than to walk to a store 500 meters from the parking spot. Walking was an implicit and easiest of activities which all the animals(which they can still do) and human race has been doing. It is easier for us to reach Banglore in less time from Delhi in a flight and we praise it, but in our natural activities we have gone so slow that we can not lend an helping hand in that time and we keep thinking.

I am amazed how technology has changed our lives. It ought to make our lives better. Has it really done. It was to help us to be more comfortable and free. Are we so free in our minds? Are we comfortable letting our family  members travel alone to someplace at nights. Are we comfortable walking down the third lane to help our neighbours. (In today's urban scenario, third lane person is never a neighbour by long). Are we comfortable when we are out and the ladies or oldies in our  home have to stay alone? No, is the answer. Then how did technology (AC, refrigerators, Hi Tech Security ... ) help us?

These were the solutions we the humans tried to provide to solve the problems which are mentioned above and likewise. But we aren't successful enough yet. Did we miss something? If Yes is the answer then what?
We have built transparent walls around us. We are not free. We do not welcome our guests at our door shouting out loudly in happiness. We welcome them, by a question from security guard " Hey where do wanna go? You can;t enter ." Is this the way our culture treats the guest.

We feel we are free but somewhere we are slaves of technology. We are so dependent on it. We missed the long term solution by opening out our hearts and mind to and for the people. May be if that might have been the case, we would not have needed the technology to secure us. After all humans think and feel. We should have trusted ourselves more than the technology.

That is why Gandhi , Lincon and Mandela were  more successful than Hitler, Napolean, Che, Azad and Laxmi Bai. They believed in improving themselves and humans while the latter in technology. Sounds weird but they used technology by developing guns weapons. The intentions were both the same. We have missed what Gandhi taught. I wish we can retrieve that freedom back, after all we want to be free. Lets break the Wall we have created around us, the Wall which can't be seen but can be felt.

PS: What's the point in going to moon if you are lazy enough not to go to the neighbours house and say kind words.

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  1. It is easier to reach moon today than to walk to a store 500 meters from the parking spot...
    Yes this is true. I feel very much dependent on technologies which doesn't really mean that i am letting myself free. Yes we need to break the wall...

    Good work. One more inspiring piece from you...