Monday, 12 July 2010

The Prize so Big!

As seventy million people watched on Television and more than eighty thousand found a place for themselves in the City of Light Stadium, Johanesbourg, RSA to reveal who's gonna be the new World Champions,  14 yellow cards and not so interesting game was produced by the teams competiting for the title.

I hoped for a better contest and an entertaining display. I was not let to be disappointed by the goalkeepers. Both Casillas and Stekelenburg were superb. Now I am not writing a full report here, that you may read on Well, I just felt that the Prize is so Big that the sport is let down sometimes. Sports is not only about winning. Its about playing. Its about playing well and winning. When I feel about the match previous night, Uruguay v Germany, it was a much more entertaining and spectacular match. No doubt, they were both losers of the semifinals but they produced a blistering contest. As good as the last kick of the match by Diego Forlan could have changed it.

So much is the influence of the prize and the occasion that the game was rash and hurting. I felt the football used to be much more innocent and it is not now. The influence on refree can also be seen. Though Webb did a great job producing 14  yellow cards including that second yellow of Hietenga to send him off, he missed when Puyol tugged Robben's shirt and put a hand around him. Robben was booked for dissent though.

The dutch missed their attacking stint as it has been through out the tournament. Spain also were not the self, let alone Iniesta. He was the top player on the pitch, but remember the incident when he got up after not getting a foul and hit the oppositions captain. Where did the sporting spirit go?

What ever, Spain won it! and may be they deserved it also. The fiesta de futbol is over now and its time when we change our channels again towards cricket.

Let out the sporting spirit and the stylish play go for a walk in the park. After all The Prize is so Big and Iniesta has won it. :)

PS: This is the reason why South American team's have been loved for they haven't yet given their style of play. Probably this is the reason why Dunga was criticised by  his countrymen so much.
Keep up your spirits. Seasons about to begin in months time :)

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