Thursday, 29 July 2010

शहर | shehar

सर-ए-साल है खिज़ां* अब ज़माने में
रोज़ आतिश बरसते हैं आसमानों से!

वो बात और है, उठता है धुआं रातों में
मगर चूल्हे नहीं जलते अब आशियानों में!

हमें गुरूर है, अपनी अपनी कारोबारी पे
चले हैं बेचने खुदको, भरे बाज़ारों में!

अब जुदा रूह है राही, यहाँ इंसानों से
झुके हुए हैं सभी सिर, शहर-ओ-शमशानों में!

सर-ए-साल है खिज़ां अब ज़माने में

रोज़ आतिश बरसते हैं आसमानों से!

*खिज़ां/khizan - rainy season/ season between summer and winters.
sar-e-saal hai khizan ab zamane mein
roz aatish baraste hain aasmaanon se !
wo baat aur hai, uthta hai dhuan raaton mein
magar choolhe nahi jalte ab aashiyanon mein!
humein guroor hai, apni apni kaarobaari pe
chale hain bechne khudko, bhare bazaron mein!
ab juda rooh hai raahi, yahan insaanon se
jhuke hue hain sabhi sir, shehar-o-shamshaanon mein !

sar-e-saal hai khizan ab zamane mein

roz aatish baraste hain aasmaanon se !

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Ghazal | ग़ज़ल

तेरी आँखों में बसे ख्वाब में देखा मैंने
वो आशियाँ नाकाबिज़ सरे तूफानों में !!

बंद होठों में दबी बेबसी सुनी मैंने
सुर्ख लब-ए-ख़ामोश के अफसानों में !!

सूखें अश्कों में लिखे ख़त को पढ़ा मैंने
अब मोहब्बत ना मुकम्मल इस ज़माने में !!

तेरे सजदे में झुका सिर की दुआ मैंने
ऐ खुदाया मांगे 'राही' मदद मर जाने में !!

वो आशियाँ नाकाबिज़ सरे तूफानों में !!

teri aankhon mein base khwab mein dekha maine
wo aashiyan naa kabiz sare toofanon mein!

band hothon mein dabi bebasi suni maine
surkh lab-e-khamosh ke afsaanon mein!

sookhe ashkon mein likhe khat ko padha maine
ab mohabbat na mukammal is zamane mein!

tere sajde mein jhuka sir kee dua maine
ae khudaya maange 'raahi' madad mar jaane mein!!

ae khudaya maange 'raahi' madad mar jaane mein!!

Monday, 12 July 2010

Awarigi | आवारगी

बेफिक्री मेरी, मेरा अंदाज़-ए-ज़िन्दगी है
हर कदम कदम पे रुकना, आदत मेरी नहीं है!

बेखौफ घूमता है, बंदिशों के पुराने शहर में
ना गवार इस जहाँ को, सूरत कोई नयी है!

बेधड़क जलना ही, ख्वाब-ए-जुनुनियत है
वो आग ना बुझेगी, दिल में जो लगी है!

महफ़िल-ओ-मंजिल में वो बात नहीं है
आवारगी 'राही', तेरी राह यही है!


befikri meri, mera andaaz-e-zindagi hai
har kadam kadam pe rukna, aadat meri nahi hai!

bekhauf ghoomta hai, bandishon ke purane shehar mein
na gawar is jahan ko, soorat koi nayi hai!

bedhadak jalna hi, khwab-e-jununiyat hai
wo aag na bujhegi, dil mein jo lagi hai!

mehfil-o-manzil mein woh baat nahi hai
awaargi 'Raahi', teri raah yahi hai!

The Prize so Big!

As seventy million people watched on Television and more than eighty thousand found a place for themselves in the City of Light Stadium, Johanesbourg, RSA to reveal who's gonna be the new World Champions,  14 yellow cards and not so interesting game was produced by the teams competiting for the title.

I hoped for a better contest and an entertaining display. I was not let to be disappointed by the goalkeepers. Both Casillas and Stekelenburg were superb. Now I am not writing a full report here, that you may read on Well, I just felt that the Prize is so Big that the sport is let down sometimes. Sports is not only about winning. Its about playing. Its about playing well and winning. When I feel about the match previous night, Uruguay v Germany, it was a much more entertaining and spectacular match. No doubt, they were both losers of the semifinals but they produced a blistering contest. As good as the last kick of the match by Diego Forlan could have changed it.

So much is the influence of the prize and the occasion that the game was rash and hurting. I felt the football used to be much more innocent and it is not now. The influence on refree can also be seen. Though Webb did a great job producing 14  yellow cards including that second yellow of Hietenga to send him off, he missed when Puyol tugged Robben's shirt and put a hand around him. Robben was booked for dissent though.

The dutch missed their attacking stint as it has been through out the tournament. Spain also were not the self, let alone Iniesta. He was the top player on the pitch, but remember the incident when he got up after not getting a foul and hit the oppositions captain. Where did the sporting spirit go?

What ever, Spain won it! and may be they deserved it also. The fiesta de futbol is over now and its time when we change our channels again towards cricket.

Let out the sporting spirit and the stylish play go for a walk in the park. After all The Prize is so Big and Iniesta has won it. :)

PS: This is the reason why South American team's have been loved for they haven't yet given their style of play. Probably this is the reason why Dunga was criticised by  his countrymen so much.
Keep up your spirits. Seasons about to begin in months time :)

Saturday, 10 July 2010

The Wall

We live in free India. We live in free World. Freedom is the birthright of every human. Nature made us to be free, but are we? When I read of seven murders in the capital today, I feel sad. I feel insecure for self, friends, family and others. Seven murders in a day. People are being killed in the posh societies. People being killed in the open markets. As I read through the paper and discussed with the friends, some blamed police and some destiny.

It is amazing how, when we proclaim self to be free we still are blaming our destiny and others. In the times where technology has gone from good to better and tending towards the best now, are these killings accepted? We live in a Hi-Tech world where the societies, the cars and the houses have powerful security systems. There have been many  developments in this regard and the researchers are still working on it. Why are these crimes so easy to commit?

Just like to curb these crimes there are various other kinds of discomforts which our society is plagued of. We find many easy things difficult today. When our economy has grown strong and technology has led the path for past decades, bringing up children has never been so tough. This is what I have heard from IT experts, school teachers and corporate executives of late. Well I guess bringing up child was always easier than today. Wasn't it? It is easier to reach moon today than to walk to a store 500 meters from the parking spot. Walking was an implicit and easiest of activities which all the animals(which they can still do) and human race has been doing. It is easier for us to reach Banglore in less time from Delhi in a flight and we praise it, but in our natural activities we have gone so slow that we can not lend an helping hand in that time and we keep thinking.

I am amazed how technology has changed our lives. It ought to make our lives better. Has it really done. It was to help us to be more comfortable and free. Are we so free in our minds? Are we comfortable letting our family  members travel alone to someplace at nights. Are we comfortable walking down the third lane to help our neighbours. (In today's urban scenario, third lane person is never a neighbour by long). Are we comfortable when we are out and the ladies or oldies in our  home have to stay alone? No, is the answer. Then how did technology (AC, refrigerators, Hi Tech Security ... ) help us?

These were the solutions we the humans tried to provide to solve the problems which are mentioned above and likewise. But we aren't successful enough yet. Did we miss something? If Yes is the answer then what?
We have built transparent walls around us. We are not free. We do not welcome our guests at our door shouting out loudly in happiness. We welcome them, by a question from security guard " Hey where do wanna go? You can;t enter ." Is this the way our culture treats the guest.

We feel we are free but somewhere we are slaves of technology. We are so dependent on it. We missed the long term solution by opening out our hearts and mind to and for the people. May be if that might have been the case, we would not have needed the technology to secure us. After all humans think and feel. We should have trusted ourselves more than the technology.

That is why Gandhi , Lincon and Mandela were  more successful than Hitler, Napolean, Che, Azad and Laxmi Bai. They believed in improving themselves and humans while the latter in technology. Sounds weird but they used technology by developing guns weapons. The intentions were both the same. We have missed what Gandhi taught. I wish we can retrieve that freedom back, after all we want to be free. Lets break the Wall we have created around us, the Wall which can't be seen but can be felt.

PS: What's the point in going to moon if you are lazy enough not to go to the neighbours house and say kind words.

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Maestros Del Disfraz | Masters of Disguise

I walked up the stairs of the auditorium, and then I walked down with a confident smile to approach the stage. The walk down was not satisfactory. Again I went to the last row of seats, took a deep breath closing my eyes simultaneously trying to imagine how it would be to walk down while the full house applauding my achievements, and I starting walking down again.
On every step that lead me to the stage, I remembered the ladder I have moved up so quickly. The ladder of success. I was to get the DreamPerformer Award from my company's chairman. This was the first of its kind. The award was specially being given to me as I have won five Performer of the Year awards in continuation. I was thrilled. I remembered my first award and the bounce in my career, my salary and perks. I was so happy. I texted my best friend Afzal, " My all the hard work and sacrifice paid off. I won it.". "Congrats." was the obvious reply.
Afzal was a simple person. He was one of the best students in our batch of MBA. Everyone thought he would be one of the best entrepreneurs. He left his job and went back to his hometown. I always thought as everybody thought there was some problem with his attitude.
Thinking about all the awards I won I got the style and the smile I wanted. I moved to the podium and posed to deliver a speech, that I had to the next day. Ah! I forgot I had to prepare a speech. Well after all I was sincere about my work and I just missed writing it.
I called Afzal. He was a very good writer. He rarely published his works but I always got to read them in college and he still mailed them to me though I rarely got time to read them in work. " He can help me prepare the best speech for such an overwhelming occasion.", I thought.

"Salaam Azhar bhai ", he said as he picked up my call. I was lucky to find his outdated, low battery mobile phone switched on.
"Salaam", I replied.
"Nervous about tomorrow again?", he questioned sarcastically.
"Yep, a bit", I answered.
"Ab to paanch saal ho gaye award lete lete .... ", he laughed. " Kahiye kaise yaad kiya aaj ?"
"Actually I forgot to write my speech for tomorrow and thought since this one is most special. You know what I have left for this and what all I have done, so I was thinking if you could write one for me.", I asked.
"Surely, but I will write only truth.", he said.
"No  problem" I said jubilantly.
" OK then, I will mail it to you by midday tomorrow. ", he asserted.
"Thanks , Bye".
"Bye." he said and disconnected.

I felt a sigh of relief and went to sleep feeling nervous about the next day and waiting for the speech. I have to read it at least twice I thought. 

Next day noon when I opened my mailbox I read the mail.

Dear Azhar,

Below is your speech. I wrote what you would have thought if you would have really thought without targeting the audience. I hope this will help you.

" "The achievement of one goal should be the starting point of another." The quote summarises my past five years in the industry. After winning one, two, three, four and now five awards, I start for another right from now. I feel happy and proud to stand here in front of you all once again and let you know the way I have reached here.

When I was a kid I always wanted to be a football player. I setup my goal in my mind that I will become a footballer. I started playing football in the academy in my town. I achieved my goal that I wanted to be a footballer and then I stared with the next. I wanted to be a forward. I always wanted to strike goals and then more goals.
In my college days I lead my University team to the finals of All India University Soccer championships. I felt that I will one day become a professional club player. I was very happy. I dreamt of playing for the national team. My friends encouraged me and told me that I am more than capable. I started dreaming more.

I was a very honest and sensitive person. I could never hurt any one. I was popular among friends for my nature. I never ignored them. I took care of my family. These were my strengths. My culture was my strength.

I was very confident, calm and thinking person. I liked reading. I liked responding too. I was in control of my life. Very much in control as I ran it.

After my University, I got a job here. I was so happy. So happy to lose control, lose control over my life. Gradually I started compromising. I compromised with my happiness. I was happy to be happy once a year while winning the award.

Did I win them?  or did I buy them? I bought them for the price of my happiness. They cost me sacrificing my dreams to play soccer and become a professional player because that was hard and I did not want less money. I gave in to the glamour and modern life compromising with my culture. I started ignoring my friends, family. I was no more sensitive. Initially and even today I am envious of those who play soccer and are happy in a meagre amount salary.

I have five awards, and two mercs but I miss soccer. So if you want to be here,  you will not only have to win it but buy it through your sacrifices. I didn't care to apologize to the people I have hurt during these 5 years.

Today I stand here, having sold all the strengths I had for these awards thinking the purpose behind what all I did? I am a pretence to my self, that I liked this and to others.

"Definiteness of purpose with positive mental attitude is the starting point of all worthwhile achievement." as once Napolean said. I still search for that purpose and the purpose is still missing. Alas! I have also sold the strengths I had.

Give it a thought how much we pretend to be what we are not than what we are? How much have you been disguising yourself under the face of these awards for five years and trying not to show the agony of not fulfilling your dream.
Its not just you. There are many you sitting there in the audience. The world we live in today is full of pretence and we are Masters of Disguise, as good as we can disguise to ourselves also. Hope you will help many others along with yourself.

Take cares

Its been ten hours since I read the email first and today I am sitting alone in my study with my MacBook scrolling all the emails. I find Afzal has regularly written to me, where I was heading to and why he took his path to writing. I never checked my college time email without valuing his writings always having an excuse of being busy. I never gave him my professional email address but for today when I needed his help. He is doing  a good job and is very happy guiding people to happiness by giving them confidence that they will be happy if they really do what they want.

I didn't go to the award function. " How well does he know me?", I ask my self. More than I do is the answer. He really is my best friend. We are all really the Maestros Del Disfraz. Aren't we?