Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Who was that my once long time friend?

He looked at the clear sky, amidst the grey smoke. As the smoke rose and tried to near the night sky, the smoke from his lips could only be lost. One by one , the cigarettes kept coming out and turned into ash. There lay three empty, one half empty and another two red coloured shining boxes of Classic Regular, the brand he loved.

He was proud of the stock he had. One might have thought, he has it covered for two weeks, but he brought it for this night. He was trying something. He wanted to do something which he was failing at constantly. He was sad. He was very sad. He cried. Something was missing though. He didn't have a drop of tear in his eyes.

He wondered, Why?. He was trying to wet his eyes and show the sleeping world that how sad he was, but with no success. He missed someone. Someone who has abused him. Someone who has insulted him. Someone who embarrassed him for his truthfulness.

As he continued to smoke, and the smoke continued to be lost in the dark sky. He was lost in still darker memories. The half filled and the flashy packets were now empty. There was no smoke now, and the world was absolutely silent. Everything was so still.

A small drop of tear filled his eyes. He wondered "Who was that my once long time friend?".