Monday, 1 February 2010


Never before I thought that I will be Spending in 5figures amount in a Day just for apparels and things which I like to do. Wooo. I did it and it felt awesome to spend so much in a day. The day was superb. No pressure as such. Only things in mind which pinched were that I had two superb matches to see but NO TV at home.

One the grand final of Australian Open - Roger Federer v Andy Murray! Murray is only one player who has beaten Federer more often than lost. But the glorious form and the calmness of character on crucial points gave the GOD of tennis another Grandslam win. The 16th of all. Wow! What a number that is!  I have really loved to see the graceful, charismatic game of Roger. Alas! I missed the match . No TV and no Cable. :(

Another headturner. Arsenal v ManUtd at the Emirates. As I being a hardcore Manchester United fan, was tensed and partially confident. United's win against the City in the Carling Cup in the last meeting was the positive energy I thought will help us. And yes what a match. Alas again! No TV. I was out shopping hoping to get back in the society and to some friend's house by 9:25p. Couldn't catch up thought. Bought a ManUtd Sweat Shirt in traditional colour of RED. Have waited for it long enough now. Finally got the news, a good news and what a time to buy the tshirt. United 2-0 up. And finally I reached home, and saw the second half.
What a Day I had?

It couldn't have been better. 
I salute Roger Federer again. GLORY GLORY MANUTD.
 (will be back with a new ghazal and some controversial writings tonite :D)


  1. Haha...good good.i can feel the happiness :)



  2. hmmm... five figures! and mujhe missed calls :D

  3. aap ko missed calls deta hun tab toh five figure kharch kar paya :)