Sunday, 31 January 2010


Yesteray! I have been busy infighting. Infighting in my mind.
The title of this post may be not clear. Its a conflict which I have almost all the hours in my day within myself. Even in my dreams I face this conflict. Its a conflict  within myself between Science(Materialism) and Spirituality(Real Bliss). Well then puttin my thoughts here I gave the title Sciensuality. How relevant is it for you to judge.

For past whole day and night I saw people waiting for Salary. Yes mine was also due. Everybody talking about it. Every body wanting to see a SMS from ICICI bank. Amazingly I wasn't a part of them.

Shouldn't I have been waiting for my first BIG SALARY, when I start my career. But my enthusiasm, energy and curiousity for it was really missing.

I was thining in my mind, how much do these things really make happy. How much does science and spirituality agree. Are they against each other. And yes..

I got an answer from my subconsceince which was very positive one. Yes they agree and its provable. Here goes the idea again. I start writing a paper on this and hope I am able to show the agreement and may be this will atleast end the conflict within me.

PS: I have concealed details and this is just a post for yesterday which I missed so may be detailed version should remain in my diary only :)

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