Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Nostalgia of Ages!

"Trinnnnnnnnnnnnng"....Snooze......"Trinnnnnnnngggg"...Snooze again..."Trinnnnnnnnggg"  and finally the alarm is switched off. Lights are on. Not switched on now, were left on in the night. Finally half an eye open and a hand moves. It triying to find something. What something? It presses a button. A grey coloured large button embedded into the middle of a big black coloured box. The box is known as COMPUTER.

The computer comes out of sleep mode.  It wakes up and speakers say the 'MS WINDOWS log in ' sound. Sound waves moving through all the obstacles hits the ear drums and mind detects and decodes very few of them (mostly got finished in the way). The nervous system still works faster and one of two eyes is finally open. Mouse searched. WMP started. And here it goes.......


Playlist started on the speaker with volume on full. Finally I get out of my bed. Working even before I woke up. Ah. How Happy was I?

The day used to start this way, may be four or five years back and yes this continued till six months back.

Now moving the cursor a two years further behind...

A matress lying on the floor with all bedsheets lying haywire. A human lying half on the bed and half on the floor. Fast asleep. Books and Mess all around. Two three diaries. A water bottle without a cap. Half filled. Almirah open. The study lamp on the table left on. Its heat killed few moquitoes and the dead bodies of casualties can be seen on the white A4 papers on the table. There lay a fountain pen, half covered by the cap on those papers.

Suddenly the beep beep beep beep...sound of small analog alarm watch starts to ring. I wake up at once. Swrich the alarm off.  Go to a corner where my Precious , cherished and loved  INR 100 .00 china made radio cum walkman (portable) has been setup. Besides is a stack of magnetic tape audio casettes and few out of it too.
Find my favourite,




and play it.
Clean up the room .

Had to wake up to use the older technolgy and start my day. Couldn't work while half asleep. Still did not need any support other than this. How Happy was I?

Once again lets push ourselves back on the 4D.

A neat room. A child well aslept. Everything seems at peace. Every thing in order. A door opens. Mother comes and ask me to wake up. At once I smile and get up. Wow. Drink water. Freshen up. Have a bath. Feel very good. Have breakfast. Now I play some music on TV. What so ever is being broadcasted. Move for my cricket practice. Then school and so on.

This is how my day started around 7 years and before.
I could work until I had my breakfast. Ah? How happy was I?

Today I have a laptop. A delicate one. I get up. Can't leave it on whole night. Have to switch it on later. Have to go to office. Get ready. Then by the time. Time to leave for offiice. I leave. I get to hear music on my music playing 4 GB supporting Mobile Phone with better sound. Today my day starts with work in mind and ends with work in mind late night or may be early morning. I have better things around me.

But I am nostalgic. I miss all the three or if more phases and routines.

I miss my audio casettes with only12 songs in them. I miss the sturdy desktop which was always left switched on as if it will never die. I miss the mom's call to wake me up. I miss the lack of technology that was once part of the life and no one complained about it. Everybody was happy with what world was like.

Life has changed...We have moved ahead on the 4th axis. Technology has grown, but has the happiness?

I was equally happy in all those phases and even today. Happiness still is the same. The level is still the same.

Can technology help in making people happy? Making souls happy?  Can't say. But one thing I realise, Happiness is one big purpose behind a life. 

I miss the times where in I was equally happy when things which I have today weren't there. I miss the no technology days. If the HAPPINESS remains the same then why this war for technology and so complicated lifestyles.? its just one of my questions.

PS: Irony of the fact is that I am using one of the modern technology's production to write this blog. (is it to get me happy or release the frustration, which is born of what- left for you to decide).

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  1. Hmm...definitly happiness is a big purpose behind life...loved the way you expressd ur messed up emotions for this big thing called technology! :)