Sunday, 31 January 2010

Ishqiya's Day - Am I one?

Well Ironically to yesterdays fact I was happy to have some money in my pocket as I got my salary.
The morning brought one song in my mind from a Dairy Milk advertisment --
"Pehli Tareeq hai .. aaj Pehli Tareeq hai..khush hai zamaana .... " and so on.  though it was 30th of January. I am a BIG BIG GANDHIJI's follower so kept two minute silence to show  respect to him.  ( Was sleeping in deep sleep) But as I got up I prayed for the Great Soul.

Well a day started at 12:30 afternoon here passed very early and as I lazily got ready had my lunch at around 4 pm in the evening. Finally Ishqiya hit the theatres so FAME was the multiplex name where I went ( I do not intend to publicise FAME here which is already a synonym for Publicised).

Well watching Ishqiya I realised that women always had power in our county and still have them. Was a decent movie though.
Lastly today I have a ghazal to put up written just now. It may also summarise my state of heart - :)

जब से तेरे शहर से लौटे हैं, न कुछ देखा न सुना!
अजीब सी बेक़रारी, जो तू नहीं है यहाँ!!

कू-ब-कू  बदनाम कर रहे हैं , कि मैं न मानूं खुदा!
मैं बस तुझको सोचता हूँ , मुझे कुछ होश कहाँ!!

काफिर न रहूँ 'राही', दरपे तेरी आहट भी सुनूँ !
मस्जिद घर को बना लूँ मैं, तू जो आ जाये यहाँ!!



  1. your thoughts are coming out well on your blog, it is good to see you using this blog to maintain your beliefs and routine happenings along with poems. keep writing do not lose touch!

  2. I can see the effect of ishqia!...
    nice ghazal. i would love to listen to it someday!!...compose karwa lena yaar :)


  3. bhai ur blog.. ur peoms n ur thots.. r nice!!
    n ur dis ishkiya wali poem.. is realyy gud..